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Wellfield Junior School

At Wellfield Junior School we care, learn and succeed together

Year 4

Class teachers: Mrs Southern, Miss E. Carey and Mrs S. Nesbitt


Teaching Assistants: Mrs H. Alkureimy, Mrs R. Moodie and Mrs L. Meadows

Year 4 Homework


The homework in Year 4 is weekly spellings, times table practice and daily reading.


The half term spelling lists are sent home as a paper copy but can also be found on this page. Your child may be in a separate spelling group where they have a different set of weekly spellings so please ensure you are looking at the correct spellings for your child. Each day the children will have 10 minutes practice at school on their spellings with a test being taken on Friday. It would helpful if children did some spelling practice at home to embed the spelling patterns. 


We have a strong focus on times tables in Year 4. Daily times table practice at home is important to help retain key multiplication facts. Times tables are the base upon which more complicated maths concepts are taught, so getting children confident with them now will be a big help to them as they move through the school years.


There is also a table of homework ideas for Year 4. These activities are entirely optional are related to the work that is being covered this term in class. The children are welcome to complete any of these tasks and share them in class. 

Year 4 Multiplication Check: June 2024

Spellings Summer 1 2024

Spellings Spring 2 2024

Spellings Spring 1 2024

Spelling and times tables ideas

Weaving on a mini-loom

We made Bankura Horses with clay.

Making lamps during Diwali