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Wellfield Junior School

At Wellfield Junior School we care, learn and succeed together


Our values were co-created with the children.

At Wellfield Junior we Care, Respect, Learn and Succeed Together.

The children decided what that meant for us every day at our school.



– We care about the world and each other.



1.  We care about everyone and everything in our school.

2. We try to understand how others are feeling.

3. We care about things that are happening outside of school.



– We respect ourselves and everyone.


 1. We treat everybody fairly.

2. We celebrate the diversity in our school.

3. We show good manners at all times. 



– We learn and grow together.



1. We always try our hardest and never give up.

2. We give everybody the opportunity to learn.

3. We learn from our ‘great mistakes’.



– We know and believe we can succeed.


1. We will always be the best that we can be.

2. We know that we can improve something every day.

3. We never give up on our goals.