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Wellfield Junior School

At Wellfield Junior School we care, learn and succeed together

Modern Foreign Languages



Wellfield Junior School uses the Language Angels scheme of work and resources to ensure we offer a relevant, broad, vibrant and ambitious foreign languages curriculum that inspires and excites our pupils using a wide variety of topics and themes. All pupils will be expected to achieve their full potential by encouraging high expectations and excellent standards in their foreign language learning - the ultimate aim being that pupils will feel willing and able to continue studying languages beyond key stage 2. 


The four key language learning skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing and all necessary grammar is covered in an age-appropriate way across key stage 2. This enables pupils to use and apply their learning in a variety of contexts, laying down solid foundations for future language learning. 


At Wellfield Junior School we want all pupils to develop a genuine interest and positive curiosity about foreign languages, finding them enjoyable and stimulating. The intention is that they will be working towards becoming life-long language learners. 


Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish) Long Term Plan